I was right all along. Always trust your gut. Never moved, created multiple Facebook accounts, all on the same day. More than likely with stolen pictures from other people’s pages. Used and edited images to fake their existence. So sad people are that pathetic.

9 Months of being there for someone
9 Months of passing by opportunities
9 Months of being lied to
9 Months of anticipation
9 Months of dealing with issues
9 Months of sticking up for someone
9 Months of holding on to someone
9 Months of laughs and jokes
9 Months of constantly having issues reaching that person
9 Months of being supportive

I would’ve moved mountains for you

Good days, or bad days

Having to find your own proof that things weren’t ok, because someone couldn’t tell you outright they were a lying scumbag. Now I question everything

I hope you and Adriel Joseph Eberly have a great time together. I hope he gives you all the misery you deserve you lying, cheating, waste of 9 months.

You were right all along. I am too good for you, and you don’t deserve me. Those were your words to me.


Ahh the joys of freedom and knowing that I’ve never been a fucking loser who’s been to prison, addicted to drugs, etc. It’s nice to be a productive member of society instead of a worthless parasite.